Horse Show
Fair dates  August 9-12, 2023
4-H THEME:  

Revisions to the information below will be out early March


Entry deadline July 18, 2022    All 4-H Entry forms are due in Extension Office.

4-H Entry forms are also available at the Extension Office.

Each item you are entering needs the department (2-3 letters), class number, and lot number.  A listing of all project areas with possible entries are listed at the bottom of this page.

4-H Schedule of Events Northeast Montana Fair 

All non-animal projects are interview judged prior to the opening of the fair.  Details of interview judging are forth coming.

Complete 4-H Fairbook is available at the Extension Office.


For rules specific to each species they can be found in current project and departments listed below.  Beef, Horse, Sheep, Swine, Cat, Dog, Poultry, Rabbit as well as Large Animal Showmanship and Round Robin.

Animal Project Sponsored Awards & Herdsman Awards

Currect project and club entry by Department 

Aerospace Exploring 4-H   Sewing & Textiles
    Poultry Sheep 
Beef  Foods & Nutrition Project Books - ANIMAL Shooting Sports
Booths Club/Individual Gardening Quilting  Swine 
  Horse Rabbit Theatre Arts
Camps  Interior Design Robotics  Vet Science 
Cat  Leadership   Visual Arts
Cloverbud  Leathercraft Self Determined Wildlife
Cowboy Poetry Life Skills Day SHOWMANSHIP - LG ANIMAL Woodworking
Dog Photography    


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