MARS BASE CAMP  - to be held Fridays    March 19 & 26   April 2 & 9

A series for four workshops is being offered to all Valley County 4-H members beginning March 19. These workshops will be on Fridays for a couple hours if that fits everyone's schedule. We have 10 kits available. Let the office know if you are interested.  If we have space you may invite your non 4-H friends as well. 

There are four activities:  Landing Zone surveyor, Red Planet Odyssey, Crop Curiosity, Insight from Mars

A Chopped Challenge - March 26

All members are welcome at this fun cooking workshop where you  can test your creativity to create a  dish.  


Have you given your demonstration or talk at your club meeting yet?

Join the fun!  Presenting a demonstration or talk gives you the chance to share what you have learned.  In a demonstration you should both show and tell how to do something related to one of your 4-H projects.   Be sure it is a teaching moment!

Everyday you listen to others and they listen to you.  You share ideas with your parents or friends trying to be as clear as possible so they understand what you mean.  That is what demonstrations and illustrated talks are all about - learning to organize and present ideas so that others will understand you.

When you show others how to plant a flower or how to make a rocket, you are demonstrating.  You may use posters, pictures and charts to help explain your idea. Learning how to plan and give a demonstration will help you at school, express your ideas to other people, and in the future, get a job.

Are you ready to complete your first fair entry for 2021?

LIFE SKILLS DAY is just that event

This event will be held April 11 - hosted by Milk River Wranglers 4-H Club.

Entry form due in office Monday, April 5.

Livestock Learning Extravaganza

A workshop will be held Friday, April 16, 2021 at the Valley County Courthouse.
Topics related to beef, sheep, swine, horse, aqa will be addressed.
Watch for more details

Member in Good Standing Criteria -

There are several expectations that must be met by fair time in order to enter projects in the fair.  
Criteria for member in good standing.