Montana Certified Seed Potatoes

It's time to place your order for the 2021 planting season.

Valley County Extension has the following MT Seed Potatoes available to purchase.  
One pound minimum order.   Potatoes will arrive early April.
Contact the Extension Office to place your order.  406-228-6241  or or

When placing your order by phone or email we will need: your name, best contact number and the the varieties you would like to purchase.  You will be contacted when your order has been filled so we can arrange for the best way pick up place and time.  Payment due at that time.


Classic Russet
Medium-late maturing, smooth tubers.  Red skin and creamy flesh.  High protein (38% more!)



Huckleberry Gold

A beautiful nutritious variety that produces round to oval tubers with purple skin and yellow flesh.  Huckleberry Gold is more resistant to growth cracks, secondary growth, and hollow heart than Yukon Gold.  It has very high antioxidant concentrations and good resistance to common scab and Verticillium wilt.


Norland Dark Red
Tubers are medium oblong, slightly flattened, with smooth red skin, shallow eyes and white flesh.  Very good for boiling, frying, and salads and often harvested for “new” potatoes in mid-summer.  Dark Red Norland has a slightly darker red skin color.  Early maturity.


Purple Fiesta
Smooth tubers with dep purple skin and flesh.  Better yielding and more disease resistance than All Blue.


Purple Viking
Truly a beautiful potato, with deep purple skin dappled with pink splashes and stripes.  Bright white flesh is suitable for baking, mashing, and frying.  This variety produces very large potatoes, so plant close (8” – 10”) to control size.  Mid-season maturity.  


Russet Burbank
The most widely grown all-purpose potato in the United States.  Tubers are long, uniformly russeted and show numerous eyes of medium depth.  Excellent for baking, frying and mashing. Late maturity.  


 Sangre potato

Medium maturing, slow to emerge variety.  Red skin and white flesh.  Best storing red.


Terra Rossa   
A red skinned and red fleshed specialty potato.  Tubers are oblong, smooth, with shallow eyes.  Terra Rossa has a high culinary quality.   


Yukon Gold 
Tubers are oval, slightly flattened with finely flaked yellowish-white skin.  An extremely popular yellow-fleshed potato with shallow pink eyes.  An excellent all-purpose potato.  Early maturity.